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Vital Life Physical Therapy

Helping people live life more abundantly without the need for injections, pain killers and unnecessary surgery.


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Physical therapy treatments with a focus on John Barnes' Myofascial Release in a private treatment room with no interruptions and the undivided attention from a seasoned physical therapist with more than 20 years' experience in the field.


Treatments are primarily "hands-on" to address soft tissue and joint restrictions causing pain, stiffness and decreased function.  This is coupled with corrective stretching and exercise instruction, and education in self-treatment techniques that can be used at home to speed up the healing process and shorten the number of visits needed in the clinic to achieve results.


Kinesiotape is used at the discretion of the therapist to enhance treatment outcomes and assist with corrective strategies between treatments.


Wellness treatments include individual sessions working on improving posture, range of motion, and soft tissue flexibility in the absence of a specific pain condition, as well as small group classes where participants learn more about their bodies, the connective tissue or fascial framework, and how to work with their own bodies in a way that promotes health, wellbeing and pain relief.  These classes are offered periodically, Inquire for dates of the next series.


Health and wellness tools are also offered for purchase, for those wishing to invest further in their health and wellbeing on a daily basis at home or at work.


Time investment:  most individual sessions are 60 minutes, classes are 90 minutes each, currently offered as a three part series over three consecutive weeks.


Financial investment:  call for rates.  Wellness visits can be purchased in packages of 3 or 5 visits at a discounted price.


More about Sarah Rudolph (Owner of Vital Life Physical Therapy)

Sarah specializes in helping people return to an active lifestyle without having to rely on pain meds, injections, etc.  She has been a Physical Therapist for 20+ years and started specializing in John Barnes' Myofascial Release 7 years ago.  She uses this in conjunction with other manual techniques, corrective exercises/stretches and taping as needed, to achieve the results her clients seek.  She thrives on empowering people to take charge of their health, healing and wellbeing, and loves to share with people her knowledge on how their bodies work so that they can better understand how to take care of themselves and heal after injury, surgery, or whatever life circumstance has brought them to her.


What does she treat?

Sarah treats neck and back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia pain, whiplash, post-surgical pain, scars, failed back syndrome, carpal tunnel, chronic pain, and women's health issues including pelvic pain, incontinence, postpartum pain and episiotomy scars, mastectomy scars and restrictions, and more.  If you are unsure about your condition, call and ask.




Sarah Rudolph, P.T.


Call today for your free phone consult to see if Myofascial Release is what you have been looking for!

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