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Swim Lessons

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Session 1            June 3-June 13

Session 2            June 17-June 27



Members $100 per session

Non-members $110 per session


Sessions are two weeks each.

Classes are held Mondays - Thursdays

Fridays are used as bad-weather make up days


Please see the front desk to reserve a space for your child.


Students are grouped into classes based on swimming skills as follows:



• 4 Years old or older

• Any child who is not comfortable in the water

• Any child who cannot fully submerge their face for 3 seconds

• Any child who cannot demonstrate a front glide

Advanced Beginner:


• Pass Beginner Class


• Be able to demonstrate a front glide to an instructor with their face fully submerged AND

• Be comfortable in the water



• Pass Adv. Beginner Class


• Be able to demonstrate the front crawl 10 feet


• Be able to demonstrate a back glide with kicking 10 feet


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