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(903) 297-0090 

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Guest Fees

$15.00 Adult

$6.00 Child (10 & under; must be accompanied by an adult member).


Guests not accompanied by a member must provide driver's license for identification.




Locker Rentals

A variety of locker packages are available to suit your needs:


Family: Two large lockers stocked with towels, locks, and laundry loops $25/mo.

Individual: One large locker stocked with towels, lock, and laundry loop $16/mo.

Storage with Towel Service: One standard locker (two towels) $10/mo.

Storage: One standard locker (no towel/laundry service) $8/mo.


Towel/laundry service:  Simply place your laundry loop in our designated hamper and your towels/clothes will be washed and put back in the locker daily.




Age Requirements on Equipment

Children 13 or older are allowed in all areas of the club so long as they maintain proper conduct.

Children 12 & under are not allowed into weight room areas or to use cardio equipment. See the front desk for more information on areas of the club dedicated to our younger members.




Age Requirements for Pool

The swimming pool and other recreational areas will be available to children 12 and older.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the pool area. The pool and other recreational area(s) will be supervised by a qualified staff member, however parents are responsible for the behavior of their own children. Persons not adhering to the Club rules will be asked to leave the Club.





Any member may be restricted or expelled permanently, with cause, by management. Causes for such action may consist of unsportsmanlike conduct, offensive language, and other violations of club rules/regulations or any conduct which is detrimental to the overall welfare, good order, and wholesome character of the Club.





Members may cancel their membership by giving written notice of Intent to Cancel at least (30) thirty days prior to the 25th of the desired last month. This notice must be received either in person (at the front desk) or by Certified Mail.


Plan A: Prepaid (yearly)

   Prepaid memberships are non-cancellable/non-refundable (memberships do not automatically renew).


Plan B: Monthly (minimum of 4 full months)

   When intent to cancel is received, dues paid at sign-up for last month are applied to desired last month.


Plan C/D: Monthly (12 month minimum term)

  If minimum term is completed before cancellation:

   When intent to cancel is received, dues paid at sign-up for last month are applied to desired last month.


   If initial 12-month term agreed to in contract is not fulfilled before cancellation:

   The club reserves the right to assess an early cancellation fee of $250 plus tax. Prepaid deposit for last

   month's dues will be forfeited and cancellation will be effective immediately.



The following information is provided to acquaint you with the general policies and procedures of the club and does not cover all situations.


Management reserves the right to make final decisions on all questions.

Membership Guidelines

Check-in Procedure

Members are required to show their individual Membership Card upon entry to the Club. Use of a membership card other than your own is not permitted, and all cards which are lost or stolen should be reported immediately. Lost cards can be easily replaced at the front desk (in person).



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