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John Helaire,  Massage Therapist

by appointment 903.452.9452

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Hot Spa Stone Massage

This unbelievable massage is the absolute best of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports all performed together along with hot stones and soothing oil.  This flushes your lymphatic system, increases circulation and reduces all stress.

55 min.  $75.00                  80 min.  $90.00


Hot/Cool Spa Stone Massage

A super therapeutic experience… The best of the Hot Spa Stone Massage is performed with a mixture of slightly cool to room temperature stones providing the perfect combination to reduce pain, increase circulation and stimulation of the immune system for optimal health and wellness.

55 min.  $80.00                  80 min.  $95.00


Customized Massage

Twenty five full minutes of detailed massage concentrating only on your areas of pain or concern.  Using a combination of any or all of massage types mentioned above to help alleviate stress or pain.

25 min.  $65.00


Chair Massage

Helps to instantly remove tension, stress and aches or pain in your neck, back and shoulders.

10 min.  $10.00


Foot Heaven

Twenty five minutes of complete foot massage bliss.  After a hard day of work or exercise, nothing feels better than a good foot massage.  Hot Spa Stones are the icing in the sky of this foot heaven magical massage.

25 min.  $30.00

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure is used to cause a relaxing and soothing effect.  Great for increasing overall circulation and overall health.

55 min.  $60.00                  80 min.  $80.00


Deep Tissue Massage

Heavy to firm pressure is applied and special attention is given to areas of pain and tension.

55 min.  $65.00                  80 min.  $85.00


Combination Massage

A unique combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massage techniques are all used in this extremely therapeutic massage session.

55 min.  $65.00                  80 min.  $85.00

Hand and Heart
Molli Forrestier, Massage Therapist
by appointment 903.387.1050

Swedish Massage

30 minute     $35

60 minute     $65

90 minute     $80


Deep Tissue Massage

30 minute     $40

60 minute     $70

90 minute     $90



30 minute     $30

60 minute     $60

90 minute     $75

*Prenatal massage not recommended during first trimester.




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