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Corporate Membership Packages

For over thirty years, Parke Way Fitness Center has been the leader in promoting corporate wellness to businesses in East Texas.


We've discovered over the years that a healthy employee equals a happy employee.  Let's say you have 100 employees and you currently are not offering a corporate wellness program.  Out of these 100 employees, 60 will be overweight and sedentary, 27 will have cardiovascular disease and 24 will have high blood pressure.  All three of these conditions will cause a decline in happiness and therefore work productivity.  We are here to help you overcome sedentary and unhappy employees at NO ADDITIONAL COST to your company.


We have worked with both large and small companies in our area.  No company is too large or too small.  We will create a custom membership program that works specifically for your company.  Features of this program include discounted rates, customized billing, usage reports, as well as specific fitness, wellness and nutrition programs.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for more information.  If you are considering becoming a member, call the club to see if your employer has already established a corporate membership.  We hope you leave today with a happier and more productive workplace.



Trevor Jacobus

Club Manager



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