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New Tuesday Class-Starts February 2nd

A.C.E.-Athletic Conditioning Enrichment


Today’s student  athletes cannot rely solely on talent, technical skill, and game strategy to compete at the highest levels.  To perform at your game’s best, top athletes MUST incorporate focused performance based training into their regimen.  Professional athletes utilize training camps and personal conditioning coaches.  Parke Way’s ATHLETIC CONDITIONING ENRICHMENT program gives you, as a student athlete, the same type of ONE-ON-ONE and small group targeted training to


This class is designed for athletes ages 6th-12th grade.

  THIS training is not for everyone, only the select few athletes; those that demand the highest level of performance..  Only those that want to be  A.C.E. ATHLETES.

Class will meet at 6:30 pm on the Basketball Court and will finish at        7:30 pm in the Aerobic Room.  All class sessions will be designed to improve specific sport related skill components. 

































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