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Parke Way Olympics

Saturday, August 6th

9:00 AM-11:30 AM


Take the Parke Way Olympic Challenge by competing

in one or all of the following events:

  • Bench Press Contest (16 yrs. and up)
  • Deadlift Contest (16 yrs. and up)
  • Push-up Contest
  • Chin-up Contest
  • Sit-up Contest (one minute)
  • 800 Meter Row (indoor row machine)
  • One Mile Run (treadmill or track)
  • One Mile Bike Ride (recumbent bike)
  • 100 Meter Swim


Prizes will be awarded to top Male and Female in each event.  Award Ceremony will start at 11:00 am in the Recovery Room.


All participants will receive a "special" Parke Way

Olympic T-shirt.


The registration fee is $10.00 per member

(members only).


Register at the front desk by Friday, July 22nd.


Please join us for this fun-filled morning as we celebrate the 2016 Olympics!



































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