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UNLOCK YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL Our groundbreaking DNA test will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition FOREVER! It's not about what they do, it's about what you do. We put the power of personal genetics in your hands, helping you reach your fitness and nutrition goals on the most personal level possible. Guided by a simple saliva test, we create a truly personalized solution to unlock you, but better! Call or stop by the front desk for more info. Bike/Run/Swim in July A special BIKE/RUN/SWIM class will be offered on Wednesday, July 25th at 12:05 in place of our regularly scheduled Cycle-ATC class. This class consists of 20 minutes of cycling, followed by 20 minutes of running and concludes with 20 minutes of swimming/water drills. Grab your towel and meet us in the Cycle room for a fun and super challenging workout!
Shalon's 2018 Fitness Challenge July already...It's getting hot, but we are still on a roll!
Keep up the great work! Jump Lunge July Do 30 Jump lunges 6 days per week.
Increase it by 10 every week.
Each leg counts as 1 rep.
***If jumping is not an option for you, just do alternating lunges instead. Sign up for the challenge on facebook: Shalon's 2018 Fitness Challenge @shalonschallenge


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